Can i change my user name?

i want to change my user name on yahoo mail and messenger.But how do i do that?I know that I'mm going to have to delete my e-mail and start a new one, but how i do that?I mean how do i delete my e-mail?If i change my yahoo e-mail name, do i have to start a new yahoo messenger too?help me please and thank you!

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    For Yahoo! mail classic:

    click "options" (top right) on your mail page, click "general preferences". In "name and e-mail" you may change which name appears in the "from" field for mails you want to send. In "reply to" changes are also possible. Make sure you save your new settings!

    For New Yahoo! mail:

    click "options" (top right) on your mail page, click "mail options", an info box will be displayed, click "ok", click "general preferences", from here on follow directions as given for mail regular.

    Note: in both mails you should sign out and back in again to make sure that the settings are taking affect.

    For the messenger:

    Go to your yahoo messenger friends list. Click on messenger, then click on "my contact details", underneath the box in which you could enter your first, last and middle name is a box that says nickname. Enter your new nick, save it and you're done.

    If users already added you to their messenger list and/or address book, your old name setting will continue to get displayed for them. If you want those users to see your new name also, ask them to remove you from their messenger list and/or address book and add you back with your new info.

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