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When do I seperate mating male and female betta fish?

I have a male and female betta and the male has begun constructing the bubble nest. I know that at different times I have to remove each of them from the tank to protect the fry, but until when should each be left in the tank?

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    remove the female as soon as the male has finished squeezing the eggs out of the female. her job is done, leave the male though. he will pick up the eggs and put them in the nest. he will continue to do this for the eggs when the eggs fall, and he will watch the fry until they are free swimming. as soon as the fry start to swim, remove he male, his babies are going to be his food, if he is not removed at this time...

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    Remove the female right after mating and the male betta is done with his bubble nest. This should take 1 to 3 hours both with mating and building of the nest. If female is not removed right after the mating process then she may seek revenge out on the male betta.

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    after they have finished mating, remove her straight away and put her into a different tank, or partion your tank (so the male cannot get to the female), and feed her on a high protein diet, e.g. bloodworms, glassworms...

    when the fry are swimming around on their own / freely, this is the time to remove the male, or he may eat the fry

    Source(s): im doing the right now!! =D
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