Is Aunt Flo going to come this month or is something else going on?

So I stopped taking birth control back in July when I had my period on July 8th in preparation for my husband and I getting ready to start ttc this month. We only used the pull out method (I know not very reliable but we weren't real worried about it.) My period was due yesterday and I still haven't gotten it. I took a test the day before but got a BFN. Is my period late simply because I just got off the birth control and body is not back to normal yet or could I possibly be pregnant already? On a side note, I have had occasional light cramps every now and then for about a week. No other symptoms of any sort though.

I appreciate anyone's thoughts on this as long as you are not rude. I have read thru some of these and some people are just mean and or rude. Thanks everyone!!

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    its probably just because you went off the pill, same thing happened to me when i went periods were all out of whack for about 3 months.

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    1 decade ago

    I stopped the pill in july as well. I had breakthrough bleeding 2 days after I stopped the pill. For about 2 weeks now I have had cramps, sore boobs, stuffy nose, headaches, backpain, and I have no energy. I was due for my AF 2 days ago. I dont know if I should test or if this is happening because of stopping the pill. Just wanted to let you know that you are not alone. I may test this weekend.


  • 4 years ago

    Well I will formally be a million month past due if AF does not come on Oct 1st.. Took a number of hpt and all had been Neg.. Last time with me daughter did not exhibit up on hpt received blood paintings and ultrasound performed to examine it.. So my dr appointment is in two days.. Wish me good fortune and desire the satisfactory for every body else on right here ttc!!

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    I have heard that when you stop taking BC that you should wait a month til you get your period on your own before trying to conceive. Its likely that your body is just adjusting to having to do this on its own. However, stranger things have happened ;)

    If you dont get your AF in another week or so either take another test or call ur DR. Good luck and baby dust!

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