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Find the answer to the below problem

Find: 7P2

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    P stands for permutation. You have seven items; you are only taking two of them. Permutation means that order matters. For instance, if you have seven people and you are going to draw two names: the first name drawn will get a $1000 scholarship and the second name drawn will get a $500 scholarship, you can see that order is important!

    What you are finding is the total number of possible outcomes.

    Formula: n factorial over (n minus r) factorial


    n! over (n - r)!

    n is the number to the left of the P and r is the number to the right. n can NEVER be larger than (but can be equal to) r.

    Factorial means to multiply from the stated number all the way down to one.

    This is what you have:

    7! over (7 - 2)!

    7! over 5!

    7*6*5*4*3*2*1 over 5*4*3*2*1

    Hopefully, you will see that the fives cancel, the fours cancel, the threes cancel, the twos cancel, and the ones cancel. That leaves you with 7 * 6 which is 42.

    There are 42 distinct ways to pull out two items from seven where order matters!!!

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