Lg Voyager or Samsung Glyde?

Which is better and why? Or is either of them going to be upgraded soon?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In my opinion, I would say either one. My friends have both phones. The touch screen is off with the glyde so you have to get used to pressed the button to the left if you want the button to the right. I like how the glyde, well, glides, because it's easier than the voyager. However, the voyager has an easier keyboard and touch screen, even though it doesn't glide. But just to narrow it down, here's a few facts.


    The good: The LG Voyager VX10000 has a cutting-edge design with a brilliant touch screen and a spacious keyboard. It offers a generous features set that includes EV-DO support, V Cast Mobile TV Bluetooth, a top-notch Web browser, and an integrated GPS application. And if that's not enough, its call quality was excellent.

    The bad: The LG Voyager VX10000's camera lacks such extra options as a flash and Wi-Fi. The touch screen can be clunky at times, and the streaming video quality and EV-DO connection speed were uneven.

    The bottom line: Though we had some minor complaints here and there, the Voyager's sleek design, generous feature set and excellent performance make it the best LG messaging and multimedia phone by far.


    The good: The Samsung Glyde offers great call quality, a broad selection of features, and a full alphabetic keyboard.

    The bad: The Samsung Glyde's display is too small to do its touch interface justice. Also, the photo quality is poor, and the e-mail support isn't easy to use.

    The bottom line: The Samsung Glyde is a powerful cell phone with decent performance, but its touch-screen design and controls don't complement its features.

    Source(s): reviews.cnet.com
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    1 decade ago

    I don't personally have any interest in touch screen cellphones, because I'm unbelievably clumsy and would probably break it. I have the enV2 and I absolutely adore it to pieces. My brother though has the voyager, and so does my friend. My brother takes care of his and loves it. If your looking for easy texting with the keyboard, I would suggest the voyager, because it has a bigger buttons and the keyboard itself is bigger. My boyfriend has the Rumor, which has a keyboard just like the one on the Glyde and I find it difficult to type on that keyboard.... but that might just my personal opinion. The voyager is also a bigger phone then the Glyde, so if you are more comfortable with a smaller phone I would go with the Glyde. My friend also has the Glyde, I find the Glyde more comfortable to hold.. being that I have a smaller hand its kind of harder and uncomfortable to hold a larger phone. Basically, they are the same phone just a little bit differant. LG I find as a very great company all though, Samsung I've never really boughten a Samsung phone. It really all depends on what your taste is, and what is more comfortable for you. Maybe you should go to the verizon booth in your mall if you have one, or a actual verizon store. Also, I'm sure if you search some reviews on google..you can find some stuff on other peoples opinions that actually have the phones. I find smaller phones more fenimene phones.. Which I would probably go with the Glyde.. the voyager is more of a masculine phone in my opinion.

    My friends glyde freezes a lot when she is texting, so I would deffinatly recommend the Voyager. The glyde is cheaper, but the Voyager is of better quality.

    Here are the differances between the phones, which isnt much.

    LG Voyager:

    1) 2.0 megapix camera

    2) Bluetooth

    3) QWERTY Keyboard

    4) Touch screen

    5) V Cast Mobile TV

    6) VZ Navigator

    Samsung Glyde:

    1) 2.0 Megapix camera

    2) Bluetooth

    3) Touchscreen

    4) Removable memory

    5) QWERTY Keyboard

    6) VZ Navigator

    And in some of the reviews I have read today, it says that the touch screen on the Glyde is terrible.

    I'm for sure thinking you should get the voyager.

  • romans
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    4 years ago

    do not hear to everybody. GLYDE. I definitely have the glyde, and that i think of now, all human beings is familiar with that the Glyde has a clean software out that improves the touchscreen. it incredibly is previous perfection, it incredibly is in simple terms approximately tremendously much as good because of the fact the LG Dare touchpad. with the aid of the way, this technique for the Glyde is unfastened. I contacted the main superb verizon center, and that they stated glyde's cost is going to bypass up by using touch software, and this technique quickly could not be unfastened anymore. in any case, the Voyager is to cumbersome. Glyde is a lot greater trouble-free, clean, and now, with a greater appropriate touch! good success getting the telephone(:

  • 1 decade ago

    i own a voyager and im really happy with it. the lady at verizon said the glyde has a very "sensitive" screen. so when you make phone calls you have to be careful because when your cheek touches the screen, it can activate something. So i guess go with the voyager.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That's the same decision i am trying to make... i am going to get the glyde because it can slide instead of opening it all the time... also the glyde looks cooler!

  • 1 decade ago

    i would get the voyager..

    sister got it todayy, its got a good keyboard & touch screen

    the Glyde reminds me of the Chocolate, if you like that kind of thing. not a big fan of the slide down screen, though..

    Voyager has great reviews and i think is better overall =]

    Source(s): friends and sister with them. and was at verizon store today =]
  • 1 decade ago

    well it depends on ur opinion but i think the glyde is a bit better. its got a better touch screen and is smaller in general. and the top row of the keyboard is easier to get to.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    voyager all the way

    my friends have te glyde and they say that when your walking sometimes it slides open in there pocket

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