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Jon and Kate Plus 8!!!!!!

Ok so i love this show. i love all the kids including Mady. I hate it when people say such mean things about her. she's only 7 years old. yes more then likely her behavior and extreme outburst are for attention but did you ever think that having 7 brothers and sisters and her being the oldest i believe puts a lot of pressure on her?? i read a blog someone wrote about her saying she's a selfish little b*tch and what not. her behavior is obviously a learned behavior. i'm not saying this is jon and kate's fault cuz its hard having 8 kids but still its a learned behavior. and it makes it worse when camera's are in your face all the time. i almost bet that before this show she wasnt as bad as she is now. she's going to be forever known as the "bad" twin. all because of behavior that almost every 7 year old has. now i've worked with lots of kids. especially between the ages of 5-10 and a lot kids in this age group do act this way.

honestly whats your opinion on a 7 year old getting hounded soooo bad by the public over behavior thats just being magnified because its on tv?

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    ya i do agree. i mean seriously, she's just 7. kara probably is just more on the mature side for her age but SHE isnt a perfect little angel either. if i had 7 brothers and sisters i think that i would go CA-RAY-ZEEE. it would kinda be cool to be on a tv show except it would definately be very stressful. she probably isnt half as bad as every1 thinks because the tv show probably does that to get more viewers.

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