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Whats the air force like

what's the air force life like I am thinking about enlisting. I heard they pay for housing near the base. Please explain to me what the first couple months are like. I am thinking about doing computer networking or possibly plumbing in the air force. How is the pay? How much was the signing bonus? Overall was it hard? Was it worth it

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    You will begin basic military training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, TX for about 6.5 weeks. At least that's how long it was back in '03. Yes, you will not have much time to sleep and it is a lot of hard work. Keep in mind the Air Force sets everybody up for success so I have confidence you can succeed. You will get yelled at in basic training but don't worry too much about that since everybody there is in the same boat and feels the same way you do. Once basic training is complete, you will be shipped off to a tech school where you will be trained to do your job whether it be plumbing or computer networking. I believe computer networking training takes place in Biloxi, MS but I am not sure. The training will last anywhere from a few weeks to nearly a year depending on your job. You may not get a signing bonus, it all depends on whether or not the Air Force is short manned at the time of the enlistment. Tech school training is a more relaxed environment but can still be stressful. You still have mandatory physical fitness training and you will be treated like a little kid. While in tech school you will be given a choice as to what base you would like to be stationed at. You will not always get your first choice, but with so many people in training somebody is always willing to trade assignments. I got my first pick which was Anchorage, AK. Overall I think the Air Force was indeed worth it. I know the recruiters will tell you the military will pay for your schooling while you are in, but remember that it is very difficult for airmen to take college classes when you deploy to the middle east every so often. If you are a plumber you will be assigned to a civil engineering (CE) squadron and I know from experience they deploy quite often. Also, some recruiters will try and pressure you into signing a 6 year contract for an added bonus of perhaps $2,000 or $3,000. Don't fall into that trap. $3,000 is not worth an extra 2 years of your life. That is the biggest mistake I made and I regret it. Good luck to you and please let me know if you have any other questions about the military!

    Source(s): SSgt, 5.5 years, USAF.
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    For the first 2 months you will wonder what you were thinking when you signed up. It's not even a little fun. Go in as an officer if you can. It's lots better. Don't go in for the pay. /

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