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What happens if I eat high fat foods but dont consume too many calories

What happens if I eat alot of foods with high fats such as a chocalate muffin, but dont pass my caloric intake for the day or even eat less then the amount?

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    1. You are going to eat less than half the food you could have normally eaten.

    2. You will nutritionally deprive yourself resulting in your body begining to canablize your muscles fto supply proteins where needed.

    3. You are supplying your body with foods that are going to be counterproductive to your implied logic - calorie dense but non-nutritional.

    4. With how quickly the food will be processed (as you mention chocolate muffins) by your body, you will be hungry again very quickly.

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    well that may not be bad for ur weight but its very bad for ur health

    if ur skinny u may be extremly unhealthy

    try to eat lots of veggies with the fat foods if u cant help it

    but cut down on fatty foods

    and excersice to burn off the fat

    good luck =D

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    technically, you should lose weight, but if they're high fat then you might just maintain weight (I have this problem, I only eat about 1000-1200 but I eat mostly carbs so I don't lose alot of weight.)

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    you will have clogged arteries eventually. eating healthy is more than watching your calories. high cholesterol leads to heart and circulatory problems.

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    u gain weight and have an empty stomach

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    1 decade ago

    then you will be hungry

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