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I want to ask someone out but im really good friends with them already.


Iv known this girl for around 3 years, were good friend because we do the same sport as each other. For about a week now iv gotten to know her better and i found out not only does she look good but that her personality is great and i cant stop thinking about her... your probably thinking "why don't u just ask her?"

3 Reasons.

1. Might destroy our friendship

2. I honestly dont think im good enough for her.

3. she lives an hour away from where i live.

I hard because i just cant stop thinking about her ):

btw im 15.


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    Wow I'm in the same situation, in a different way. you should just go for it because shes growing on you and maybe your growing on her. (I know that sounds strange) but you should just bring up the topic and see what happens. just try!

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