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Is joking about assassination as serious as joking about a bomb in an airport ?

On Y Headlines... the young man in Florida being held, do you suppose he is/was a REAL threat ? OR is this just another part of the overall media hype ?


context is a key issue for sure... and obama's security cadre must be working overtime...SWEATING in Florida...and all over for that matter

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    In my opinion, both situations are just stupid to joke about. Saying that you want to murder someone is dumb enough when you do it in real life, but it is hard to take out of context when others can consider your tone and personality. However, posting a threat online is just dumb because it can easily be traced to you and documented as evidence.

    Even if you were joking about the threat, it is more difficult to defend what has been typed than what has been said because it is stored on someone's computer in black and white.

    As for the man in custody, I would say that he is suffering unjustly, but at the same time it was a really dumb idea to joke about so serious a subject-matter.

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    Threats of assassination are loosely considered free speech. If the powers that be think the threat is genuine, of course, action will be taken. If they don't, the person making the threat will probably not be penalized in any way. In my opinion any kind of death threat shouldn't be considered free speech at all. Lives will be saved this way.

    Bomb threats in airports are a very costly crime. Mandatory jail time and a fine of $25,000 or more. It's a serious felony. At the present, far more serious than assassination threats.

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    Only to distract you from the seriousness of this...

    I recommend these websites:

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    He may or may not have been a real threat, and yes, the media is a piece of crap.

    But nevertheless, it is still funny to see people like the young man get in deep s**t for what he said

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    if its against the pres or the first or second family it is taken very seriously, and you will get a visit from the Secret Service (I've seen it happen )

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