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Girls Only! Please Help !?!

We went fishing Monday and I jumped of the boat a couple times and swam. I spent from 3:45 until 8:25 in a wet soggy bathing suit. When we got home, I was itchy "Down There" so I had a shower and put a bit of Canesten on the spot. It is now Thursday, and It is still itchy. On Wednesday, I wiped after going the washroom and right between the Vaginal opening and Anus, there was pain. Like a burning pain. I want to know what this is and what to do. PLEASE HELP!!


I need to know if it is an infection or what. It isn't inside of my vagina, it is right between my Anus and my Vagina

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    keeping a wet swimsuit or underwear on for a long period of time can cause you to get a yeast infection. That, if left untreated, can cause irritation to that area. You can go to They have a symptom checker there, and you can also go to your local drug store to get some medication. You know, monastat, that you can use in as little as one treatment. I know for urinary tract infections they have a test that you can buy at the drug store now that will show you if you do infact have a u.t.i., but I am not sure if they have one for yeast infections. I would recommend getting the monastat three or the one you use for seven days, just because from past personal experience, the one day medication didnt seem to work and was a wast of money when I had to go back and get the three day treatment.

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    Well at first it sounded like a yeast infection, but the itching would be more inside and maybe some outside the vaginal opening.

    I wonder if you have like a diaper rash in that area. I once did and it was SO PAINFUL and burned. It iched some too at first. I saw the dr. and I was told it was pretty much a diaper rash. lol I had worn a pad to long I guess.

    I was told to get some Desitin (if you are parent you know about this. You can buy it anywhere like the grocery store or Walmart where ever)

    My pain was so bad the only way I could lay down was on my side. When I saw the dr. at the OB/GYN it was the first time in my life to see a GYN dr. gasp when he looked at me. He gasped and said "That must hurt!" lol I can't tell you how I wanted to die and crawl under a rock. lol

    Desitin is VERY messy so wear a pad. Also if this doesn't give you some comfort I'd see a dr. just in case.

    Source(s): homeschooling mom - I've had something like this.
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    Sounds like a yeast infection. Make an appointment with your dr.

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    It could be a irritation, go see your doctor in case it is something more or talk to your mom.

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