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Do you think NASCAR should cut everybodys hp down but Dale Jrs and then give him a bigger gas tank??

Do you think he would be able to win more races then??


I agree Gordon fan. Jr SUCKS

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    I just don't understand

    Why do people root for Jr. because of his dad!

    Honestly, hes just not a good driver to win every race....OMG!!!

    I hate it when people do this kinda stuff...

    Want Jr. to win everything..!!!!

    Damn, yes, we are sad that Sr. died, but why did everyone just jump on his bandwagon after Sr.'s deaths

    Last year, he wasn't winning because of his team, but morebecausehe's an average driver..

    Now, he may be good at restrictor plate, but what else is he aswesome at?

    This year, he has Hendrick Motorsports on his side and he still can't win...Only one win and thats on fuel mileage...and by the way....because of a wreck on the start of the last lap..

    He's only good at restrictor-plates because it was passed on by his dad...the talent, I'm referring to...

    But, where else is he great at..???!!!

    Why do people keep doing that...

    They want him to win...always...BUT damn, he cant...

    He doesn't even have a championship...

    But I bet its not about the best driver being rooted for, like Stewart, Johnson, and Gordon, its the one that has a touching past..Right?

    I mean, when did I ever see a post where it asks why doesn't NASCAR limit everyones speed so, for instance, Johnson could win...I never see that..

    And Johnson, Stewart, and Gordon ARE the ones with the Championships, the ones with the most wins...not Jr....

    They have real talents, talents that walk all areas of NASCAR, not just restrictor-plate racing...

    They are great...

    I'm not saying Jr. isn't...I'm not saying he shouldn't have fans...

    I'm not saying I hate him...

    What I'm saying is that Jr. is receiving too much respect (I can't find another word), too much fame, when, honestly, he has done nothing...Dale Earnhardt Sr. is the man...I will agree with that...

    For one thing, to answer your question..

    I know I will create a riot if that ever happens..

    Second, NASCAR would never do that...NASCAR would be boring if Jr. won every race..

    Remember, not everybody roots for Jr....

    I mean, whats is the reason to root for him...

    He is not a great NASCAR driver....He's famous because of his dad!!!

    Man, I get frustrated when people do this..

    I just don't get it??!!!

    The sport world is so weird

    To Mike Pee:

    Excuse me my dear ma'm, but I was not slamming the driver....only the fans..

    To Dale H:

    If only you knew how to read...Anyways, the same applies to you..

    To FTW:

    I don't think "Sources" mean "Details are over here"...Once again, learn to read!..What a shame...

    AND Finally, to all of the idiots out there who apparently cannot read; I was never bashing about Jr. being a bad driver..It was the damn fans I was talking about people...I never said I could drive a car like them!!!

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    I'm going to defend Junior here:he's a good driver. He had two consecutive Busch titles, so that means something, right? Obviously Dale Earnhardt Inc. isn't a very competitive bunch and to me, they're a middle of the road sort of team. And he did well considering his situation. Dale Jr. had all those engine failures last year. And whose fault was that? The engine builders. It's not like Junior is the one building the engines. Cut the man some slack! He had a decent 2001-2003 season, but really stepped it up in 2004. People complain that Earnhardt Jr. fans are Senior fans. So? If the driver you rooted for passed away and had a son competing, who would you turn to? Well, duh, his freaking son! Some people obviously don't understand Earnhardt fans well enough. Why hasn't Junior won more races this year?Some bad luck, and some questionable calls up in the pit box. You don't see Tony Stewart winning, and I hear no one complaining. What gives?

    I don't understand people's hate. So what if he "hasn't won enough." Or, he's "Dale's son". I don't get some of you.

    Source(s): Not very many open-minded fans here.
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    why do people want to see dale jr win so bad even if he has to cheat...we know is the most popularist driver but regardless of how many fans he gets that wont change his driving ability, dont be mad because he is finally in hendrick equipment and still not producing wins, yes true he is 2nd in points so its showing for consistency but last time i check since kenseth did it...your going to need more than runner up top 5s to win a championship, winning is the key and he is not doing that, just face it, he is a good driver but there are other guys out there clearly more talented than when you have ask is would we cheat to see him win, thats sad, he is in the same boat 43 other cars is in every race...only the best rise to the top and even though he is 2nd in points, he is not 2nd best driver....

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    You know what's funny? Ya'll sit here and come up with all these conspiracy theories you can think of and bash driver after driver, right? Right! Funny part is that if you were in even the best car on the track with the perfect set-up, tires, strategy, crew chief and pit crew, you wouldn't even be able to catch the pace car! If you hit speeds over 100, you'ld pee your pants before you cross the checkerd line the first time...if you made it that far at all. My point is...Who are you to sit in judgment about any of these great drivers?

    Go Jr.>>>>

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    that is a beautiful paint scheme. i'm bummed kurt's not running the gold car again this year... and no, it is not just you - the cars are all running in serious yaw (in this case, twisted to the left). carl edwards and kyle busch have been doing it a while. it really makes the cars go faster in the corners, but it makes them much harder to drive, so only the real "wheelman" can make it work well without slamming the wall, and sometimes not even then...

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    No, all good conspiracy believing folks KNOW that NASCAR has CUT JUNIORS hp down and GAVE HIM a smaller tank so he won't do well. Right?????

    Folks, I am being sarcastic. I hate questions like this. Can't we talk about something better and not slam each other's driver???

    I guess I can answer my own question with a "no" can't I.

  • Mike P
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    Maybe all the people that want to come on here and slam one driver or another should get into Nascar and show us just how good they really are. After all there are many people that think all you have to do is have the right name or be born with a silver spoon. Surely at least one of you haters have to a famous name or is filthy rich. Come on haters show everyone how good you really are.

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    Only way Dale will ever win steadlly is if they give everyone else square tires and continue to allow him to cheat.

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    WHAT IS UP WITH YOU IDIOTS?! I fail to see what the heck Junior or any other driver has done to tick all of you off! I think all of you are angry because Junior gets more attention than your drivers! Of course Junior's going to get attention, he's won races in the past and he's the son of Dale Earnhardt. Get over your sad, little grudges and grow up.

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    No, but I think if you just went for a vasectomy now, the world would be a better place.

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