Help! My tomato plants have white squiggly lines on them!

I live in the tropics and have grown these from seed. Now they are showing sign of all these white squiggly lines across the leaves. The plants look healthy and are flowering...what is it? What can I do? I don't use any advice is greatly appreciated! If you are coming to St. John in the US Virgin Islands I'll be happy to give an island tour as thanks! :)

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    This is leaf are some pictures they are the larvae of a variety type of insects that piercr the leafs and lay thier eggs inside them..they do not kill the plant or cause any diseases..there is no insect control on the larva but treatment of the plants before the adults lay thier eggs...They are buried in the leaves you cannot kill them with treatment..i simply pull the leaves off that are affected and set them in my wheel barrow in the hot sun to bake..some time they are in so many leaves that don't pull them all off at a time..I pull 8 or 10 leaves at a time..let the plant heal then pull 8 or 10 more a couple days not throw them on the ground they will stay alibve..throw them on concrete or metal something of the sort to fry them in the sun..

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