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question regarding gender in our society?

so there are a lot of efforts that educate and prevent girls from being consumed by all the media images telling that 'skinny is beautiful' that skinny is hot, etc. I know this has got with eating disorders, depression and stuff in girls. But consider this, what about the guys? do the images in ads have fat, slobby guys on it? heck no...they have all this ripped, 6-pack, tanned guys on it. So why there's no effort to combat this? why there are only efforts for girls telling that they are beautiful as they are? what about girls glorifying all the 'muscles' and 'nice abs'? so girls don't have to sweat or to care about their appearance and yet guys have to do it? as you can see tons and tons of guys are going to the gym working out to their death to conform with those media images. so why no masculinist who does this? better yet, are feminists happy and smiling to this fact? is this some sort of hypocrisy or tricks that society plays on itself?

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    Honestly, it's because women have more DOCUMENTED effects of eating disorders and mental health issues when it comes to their appearance. Although, undocumented effects of men are quite common and are at a higher degree these days. In regards to women not having to go to the gym, ect, that's where you're a bit wrong. I make myself go to the gym and my friends/family aswell because it's healthy. I don't want to be obese and I don't want to be rail-thin either. Being too thin is rather repulsive to me just as jelly rolls are. Now, for men? I personally like big guys. Being ripped is fine sometimes but some guys are TOO thin and it's, again, repulsive. Get a little meat on them bones, please!

    Now, masculinists would NEVER admit to male-related-body issues because they believe that the man SHOULD be strong and big. Feminists DO smile at the fact that they get more coverage than men. Which is sad on both parts. Personally, I think so long as both parties are happy and healthy then that's the most important thing. I like the fact that some couples go to the gym together. It shows that neither is too proud to say "I'm better than you" when it comes to appearance. It also shows that both parties want to be around each other more even when they're taking care of themselves.

    Soooo maybe guys shouldn't want to look like guys in magazines. Neither should women. They should just be proud of what their momma's gave them and work it to their advantage!!!

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    thats all just what society says i think that people should worry less about that junk besides it can hurt to be called skinny all the time it becomes insulting the mean jokes people make when they are not as tin or even thinner then you they can really really tear a person down i try to not let it get me but my lil bro hated it so much he started if we thought he should gain weight of how he could gain ten or more pounds

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    Women are expected to look better than men. Fat ugly men get women if they have money. Women don't care as much about looks in a man, as men care about looks in women. Men very rarely get eating disorders. Inferiority complexes, maybe.

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