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Why do cons call Obama The One, when its Bush that said God Chose Him to Run the US

Is this just another example of cons talking about themselves?

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    Because it suits their purpose-

    And for the poster looking for the source his mother, Barbara Bush said that God was speaking to George through their pastor- Equating him as equal to Moses ( which makes McCain's ad even more hypocritical)

    There is also this quote "I feel like God wants me to run for President. I can't explain it, but I sense my country is going to need me. Something is going to happen... I know it won't be easy on me or my family, but God wants me to do it." - Bush to James Robison

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    Obama himself stated we are those you have been waiting for! That sounds tremendously Messianic to me! in view which you suggested hypocrisy we could seem on the hypocrisy of the left! The Left is against the Arizona regulation that's meant to paintings with federal rules and to end unlawful immigration and yet have not got any situation with sanctuary cities who thumb their noses at federal rules! The NAACP condemnns the meant racism of the Tea events and has yet to condem the racism of the NBP, Al Queda and Democrat events!

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    Next week is the Jim Jones Kool Aid Anniversary Festival and I will decline your invitation to attend with you and The Golden Child of Miracle Birth sans Birth Certificate because I will be away on business next week, you may use my glass.Thank you for your thoughtful invite.

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    Did Bush really say that - or is it just more rhetoric from the left?

    Source, please.

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