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What can i do about my voice?

i HATE my speaking voice. I'm a fifteen year old girl. everyone confuzes me with my younger brother . I still sound like a little kid... do you think if i listen to someone else talk enough i'll start to pick it up? i realize this is sort of an odd question .

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    Actually, your voice can be trained to be changed, but it typically takes the help of a voice coach. They're used all the time in Hollywood. Jack Nicholson was told at a young age "If you want to make it in Hollywood, find a good voice coach." He didn't, and he kept his distinctive voice, but they exist and cost a lot of money. Most people, upon hearing their own voice, don't recognize it and some dislike it. If you're going to change it on your own, I think just keep doing it, but your friends and family will think you're weird if your voice changes all of a sudden! Every couple of years, I change my laugh just by remembering to do it, and eventually it becomes habit.

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    As for your voice, you aren't really going to be able to change how you sound without your voice sounding totally put on & fake. Just speak normally, use good vocabulary, & speak clearly. Just by doing that you'll sound older, if you talk like you are little & are sloppy when you speak, you'll come off less educated or young. Over the years your voice will naturally start to mature. You still are young, so don't expect to sound older when you are not.

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    I totally understand where you're coming from. I'm sooo shy because I hate my voice sooo much. It's so sad, cos of all the things folk can do to better themselves, whether their nose is too big, too wee, whether they;re too fat too thing, they can modify themself to make them have more confidence.. but the voice.. is stuck forever. I sound like a guy and I HATE it soooo much !!!!!

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    if your talking about your pitch of your voice, and that its really high,, i dont think you can do anything about it.

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