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A good Summary/Idea or Plot to a Movie

i asked this question and only got one anwser

so please anwser

If you have Unique ideas i want to hear them

Most unique (and good) Summary Of a Movie plot wins

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    An ex-crime assistant, Michael Woods, who's recently married and has a with a 4 year old daughter, stayed away from crime for 7 years due to meeting a girl he immediately fell in love with, and a daughter he wishes to become the perfect role model for. After erasing the past and what once was a ruthless criminal doing anything to please his master, the mob boss he once worked with, Don El Rocha (don't ask) is in danger that his mafia family will corruptively end without the assistance of the professional ex-gangster. He claims $500,000 is available if he can take the opposing family out one by one. Upon giving the chance of accepting, Michael refuses. He returns home late at night within a few hours, and find his wife and daughter missing. A phone call is immediately answered in which Rocha claims his daughter and wife will be killed if he does not take out the family. The TV views a tape in which proves his family are in danger, as they are strapped to a chair with a ruthless man holding a double barreled shotgun towards the pair of them. With no choice but to accept, Michael, with help from his once two worthy assstants, must acclompish the one thing he'd never would think he'd have to go back to. Many enemies brutaly killed, innocents tradgedly murdered, but will he take out the opposing family, or play against the rules and find Rocha and the people taking his family hostage, and kill them?

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