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How to get from boring straight hair to nice beachy waves.

my hairs like straight and booring.

& i really want it to get beachy waves.

i can do if i curl my hair and all that

but i don't want to damage my hair by curling it

and suggestions?

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    braid it while it's wet and leave it over night.

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    This one is easy to do. Shampoo and condition your hair. Towel dry. Apply a mousse or other styling product lightly to your damp hair to give it some texture.. While your hair is still damp, bend your head over so you're drying your hair upside down. Dry your hair with the blow dryer while using your hands to scrunch it. Once your hair is dry, throw your head back and immediately spray with silvikrin Flexible Hairspray .


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    ya! i use aussie catch the wave mousse+leave-in conditioner. just put the mousse in after you wash and condition it (use aussie catch the wave shampoo and conditioner for better results) , then split your hair in half down the back and twist your hair into side buns and pin them in place. if you dont want to damage your hair then just let it air dry. OR you can use a diffuser attatchment on a blow dryer if you want it to be dry faster. use it on a warm or cool setting so that it leaves lots of shine in your hair! hope this helped!

  • When you wash your hair, and do the final rinse, flip your hair upside down and run your fingers through it. After you get out, take your towle, and scrunch your hair, from the ends to the scalp, with your hair still flipped upside down. Flip it back, and then scrunch the top layers a little more. Finish it up with a light gel like L'oreal studio (black bottle) gel. That's my routine, and it works for me!

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    try mixing 2 TBS of salt with every cup of water mix it together spray on damp hair then let air dry Or use sunsilk waves of envy

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    after a shower and your hair is still wet, apply mousse and scrunch. this will get you beachy waves!

    answer mine?


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