really low body fat percentage

im naturally skinny and have been so my whole life. I did pushups and curled random stuff startign age 12-13. at 14 i joined gym pumped weights. now in 15 and ripped and cut and still kinda skinny. i never got my bodyfat percentage tested professionaly with that water thing but using online estimators that are 1-3 percent accurate i have a 3-5 percent body fat. is this even possible considering athletes like mj and kobe work so hard to keep body fat down and i have it so naturally?


body measurements: 5'9 asian

140-148 pounds. morning waist: 27 inch. afternoon/night waist 28 inch. 150 bench press, 240 squat

Update 2:

oh and i play basketball 5 hours a day over this current summer break, i think that helped slim me down alot.

Update 3:

oh and i play basketball 5 hours a day over this current summer break, i think that helped slim me down alot.

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    1 decade ago
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    Pretty sure it's possible, since you say you work out a ton. the basketball probably helps too. also, since you're asian, it's really easy for you to get and stay skinny.

  • trefry
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    4 years ago

    You do recognize that 20% an suitable proportion for a woman to be, it incredibly is totally fit and lean. that's what i'm aiming to be. in spite of the shown fact that, in keeping with hazard you want greater muscle definition wherein case you may initiate doing potential coaching three times a week and eating greater protein, around 110g in keeping with day. on the 2d you have 40 8.5kg of lean mass and 12kg of fat. so which you have not got a great sort of physique fat and additionally you have a respectable volume of lean mass. i assume it incredibly is basically a case of increasing the tilt mass by employing a million-2kg and lowering the physique fat by employing a million-2kg. as an occasion in case you receive the tilt mass as much as 50kg and the physique fat all the way down to 11kg, you may nonetheless weigh with reference to the comparable, yet might have decreased your physique fat proportion to 18%. i does not pass any below 15% physique fat or you may face incredibly some wellbeing issues.

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