Help...I want a cigg!

I quit smoking...It's officially been 1 month. Sometimes it pops in my head that I would absolutely love a glass of red wine and a cigg....but then I remember I have made it a month and think "it's not worth it, you have made it this far!" If I were to smoke after quitting for a month, would it be enjoyable even? I think I am strong enough to avoid breaking down, but part of me inside is whinning and really wants to. Any support or suggestions would help....I smoked about 8 ciggs a day when I smoked and a pack when I was drinking, which was about 3 times a week. Guess I am reaching out for some fresh motivation....

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    Congratulations for quitting this long. You've got a lot of the battle already won. Whenever I started thinking this way, I'd shout out loud No, I don't want to smoke. Focus your attention on staying smoke free.....make a list of the reasons you wanted to quit. Make a list of what's likely to happen if you go back....#1 is you'll find it harder the next time to quit. Run, deep breathe, go somewhere that you can't possibly smoke. Tell friends and ask them to help you get over this bump in the road. Just don't give up.

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    you will always have urges pop up for the rest of your life-thats why cigarettes are such a horrible habit to stop-thats why so many people start after quitting for 5 or 10 years. i stopped 7 years ago, and still get the urges, but they don't last that long-they are gone within 5 minutes or so. are your urges really strong? have you tried using the patch? it will help for the physical cravings, and make the detox symptoms lessen. another thing that can help is getting a prescription for Zyban-it can help calm the psychological cravings- i found that by the time i had passed 4 months of not smoking, the cravings and everything were lessened to the point where i could control them fairly easily. so, just hang in there- do whatever you need to to keep from smoking-dont hang around with smokers for a while, and do stuff to keep your hands busy. i sure wish you luck- its a hard habit to quit, but once you do, you will feel so much healthier. good luck, kiddo,.

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    I used to smoke and when I did I smoked at least a pack a day. I quit cold turkey because I was tied of smelling and tasting like an ash tray. The first 3 months are the hardest but it is well worth it!!!!! Now when I am around people that smoke I am so glad that I am not a smoker anymore. Their clothes, cars and personal things stink horribly!!!! Try chewing gum or putting a rubber band on your wrist and flicking it whenever you crave a cigarette. It really does work by tricking your brain. Good luck and stay strong!!!

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    congratulations ,you are well on your way to winning. but you have to be on your guard or else you will long as you don't smoke the first one the spell is intact,fall down,give in to it, even 1 ,the spell is broken and your out of control again,so come hell or high water avoid that 1st 1. go back over all the reasons you quit,write them down ,say them out loud. don't listen to internal voices that try to talk you into it ,saying you didn't really want to quit ,or i'll just have one,it's defeat might notice your cravings hit you in 3's ..3 hours 3 days 3weeks,3 months ,6 months and so on.just when you feel the strongest,next hour or next day it will have you searching the house for a might want to avoid alcohol for a while till your stronger,indulge yourself in other ways ,stay active,go do stuff that you did without smoking avoid things that allowed active smoking.take care or you'll substitute food for smoking ,and gain weight,it will be`alright to indulge yourself a bit but keep your eye on the scales.and finally if you fail it's just a failier this time not for all time ,so if you can't make it this time give yourself 3 weeks and try again ,cold turkey is best ,don't use nicorette ,or drugs ,thats just another habit you will need to quit,best to you.............tom

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    wow, good for you

    what i find that really helps is carrot and celery sticks, just munch on them when you are craving. i know there is nothing like having a glass of wine with ciggs. thats why you should not drink for at least 3 months and when you do start don't drink to much or you will smoke.

    good luck and you can do it !

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    Don't do it!! That first one would taste like crap but you would smoke another and before you know it you would be back to smoking the same as you used to.

    One month is great and you should be really proud of yourself. If you smoked now you would just be disappointed in yourself. Quitting was the best thing you could do for your health.

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    Hey there!! Good for you!

    Just remember.. for every 45 minutes you don't have a cigarette.. your lungs start healing themselves from all the damage you've done when you did smoke!!

    And think about it..

    You don't smell of smoke anymore.. your clothes will be fresh, your hair will actually smell of shampoo now.. you know.. all these positive things! Keep at it..

    I wish I had your strength to give up too!!

    Best of Luck,


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    dont do it. they taste horrible after not smoking for that long. i quit for 2 months once and was bored and had a cigg and to this day i still kick myself for it. not only did it taste horrible, it was as if i never quit. congrats on making it a month, its hard but it will be get better. good luck

  • Anonymous
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    when you drink alcohol it seems that you need a cigarette to go with it because apparently thats how you use to do it in the past. so drinking will only make you want to smoke more. this happens a lot with coffeedrinkers as well. everytime i had a cup of coffee it seemed as though i needed a cigarette in the other hand. my solution? quit the drinking and you wont crave the ciggies. find another alternative, not another habit.

  • 1 decade ago

    here some stuff thats in them.

    rat posoning a chemical found in pee I heard dead bugs and crap.

    if you havent smoked for a long time then the next one you smoke youll cough up a storm.

    dont do it takes min. off you life time every time you have one.

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