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Relationship. boyfriend/best friend?

Okay, so I recently started dating this amazing guy, but a couple of day's ago, one of my best guy friends came out and told me he loved me. I love my boyfriend to death, but I think I might be in love with my friend also. What do I do?

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    All depends about your fillings for your boyfriend

    If you really think that you are in love with him just tell your friend to go for a ride and never come back but if you are just having fun with this guy, you can have some fun also with him or not.

    What is important here, is that you feel happy with your decision.


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    you tell the guy that told you hes in love with you that you like him but you have a boyfriend who you also care about and would like to see how it worked out with him !! and if it doesn't work out with him then you should see where it goes with your bestfriend but if it does then it wasn't meant to be you and your besstfriend!!

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    You could confront him about it and say you are uncomfortable. Becuase once you bring it up , atleast he might be thinking about it and show you more love to resassure your.

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