Crocheting, is there a difference between "next stitch" & "same stitch" If not, why not just say next st

I'm asking, because I seem to have trouble fitting amount of stitches asked to crochet in a row or circle.

Thanks much!

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    Hugh is right. Loosen up your stitches a little so that you can fit more stitches in. What I usually do with circles is I put the new stitches in the center of the circle, instead of in each individual stitch. (Like if you're just starting a project, and have a small circle made out of 4 chain stitches or something).

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    I also agree with Hugh - there is a difference, for instance when you start a row you start my making a number of chain and then work in the 2nd stitch, but if your pattern wants you to increase it may tell you to work in the same stitch.... also in reply to your questing about having a few problems fitting in the number of stitches in a row or a circle don't forget that in most patterns the chain stitches at the beginning of a row count as one of the stitches.

    When I'm doing a circle or a Granny Type Square I always join as told to in the pattern and then do the required number of chain stitches and count that as my first stitch.

    btw, after you've been doing a bit of crochet this will all work out without you having to think about it so just go on making things you want and enjoy it.

    God Bless you & yours,

    MandyGirl of Burrington, UK

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    Hi there. "Same stitch" means put another stitch in the stitch that you are already in. "Next stitch" means the next empty stitch. You'll find it awkward at first, but the stitches required to increase for a hat or coaster will fit. Just check that you are using the right size hook with the right size yarn as this could be causing some of the problem. Also, make sure your tension is not too tight.

    Hope this helps :-)

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    Yes there is a difference. Same stitch is the one you're doing at the moment where your hook is.

    And next stitch is the one next to it in the row. So...when it says do a stitch in the same stitch or a stitch in the next stitch you take it literally.

    Hope it helps.

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