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How do you select the best answer?

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    After a list of answers have showed up, look for a big blue box that says "Select as best answer" and click on it. That closes the question as "resolved". That gives big points to that person too.

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    If you ask questions, you have to wait for four (4) hours after asking the question in order to choose the "best answer." That's to give folks a fair chance to log in and find your question. Many of us log on and off periodically during the day and we may not be online when you posted.

    Once the four (4) hours have elapsed, go back to view the question. You can do that by clicking on "My Profile" near the top the page, right hand side under the word "discover."

    Once you're at your profile, look under your avatar (photo) and you'll see a list of all the questions you've answered plus a tab you can click to see the questions where you were chosen as "best answer," the questions you've asked and the questions you've starred.

    Click on the word questions and you'll see the list of your questions, click the question and it shows you not only the question but all the answers. There will be a blue box under each answer. Click the box of the answer you liked best. You will get 3 points for choosing.

    Be sure you pick the "best answer" before the time for answering expires or it'll be too late, it'll go into voting.

    IF YOU DIDN'T ASK THE QUESTION, to vote on unresolved questions click the "answer" toolbar at the top of the page then click on the "vote" tab and it'll show you a bunch of questions in voting.

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    Well after you ask a question, At some point, There will be a big blue button under every answer that will say "Choose as best answer". And so which ever answer you thought was the best for your question, Click on that button, And then you will have had chosen that as best answer! Hope I Helped!

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  • You have to wait about 24 hours after the question has been posted, and then it gives you the option, than just select the "choose as best answer" next to each person's answer

  • How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer.
  • If there is a answer you really like after a couple of minutes that your question has been out. go to your profile and check that question below each answer is a blue button click that to choose or if you want to vote on a best answer click on discover that is by answer on the top as a green button.

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    its easy. whenever your question gets a couple answers, look at the best one you see. Then click where it says "choose as best answer". (but if you don't find your best answer, you'll have to wait a little longer).

    this is important:

    please don't this for someone elses question, that's rude, they won't really like it, you're stealing points, and that's basically rigging the answers!

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    Click on "Choose As Best Answer" in your question.

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    by the best answer for my question sometimes if its humor in the answer i might pick that as best answer if it makes me laugh then after 4 hrs it will let me pick the one i like so i press the blue box underneath the answer i like thats 10 points for them and 3 points for you picking a best

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    GO to discover hit the rate button tead the question and hit the blue best answer button...silly

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    after a question expires (which should be in a few days ) go back into it and under each answer their will be a blue box saying "choose as best answer"

    Now Choose me as best answer!?!?

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