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My daughter has a cat that is need of a expensive surgery

...however since she nor I cannot afford the surgery so she is thinking of putting her down since it is not humane to make her suffer she can have a good quality life with the surgery bit not without it ..are there any organization's that offer financial in these situations?

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    Contact your local humane society or non-kill shelter. Some are very resourceful and can help. You can even ask the vet to make payments for her surgery to pay for it. Some allow this. Good luck.

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    Please talk to your vet to see whether or not they would be willing to accept payments from you to pay for the surgery. Many times if you speak with them about this, they'll try to work something out with you.

    Also, in fairness to the pet, the next time you're thinking of acquiring one, please take these sorts of things into consideration and understand that if you can't afford proper care, you should pass on getting a pet. Emergencies do happen and you can pretty much expect that one will come up at least once in a pet's life. If you're unable to afford to pay for something like this, pass on getting the pet.

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    You could also try to find a vet training school.

    Here in Massachusetts, the MSPCA has an off shoot called Angell Memorial they can usually work with you on payments and stuff, but as a rule they are less expensive than a regular vet.

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    Best thing to do is either sell lots of things on ebay , or carboot sales. Or you could just hug her and be caring to her then if you have to then its probablly best to get her put down.

    You could always get another cat if this happens because that way you wont feel lonley.

    Hope this helps


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