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it just seems 2 follow me =[

1 of my guys friends and me have a pretty rocky him and his gf talked afew weeks ago i told her that i wasnt friends with him anymore and we didnt talk since and he told me that we could b friends b/c he gave me 2 many chances.i havent talked 2 either 1 since well when school started he started watching me but im still stayin away 4m him,then yesterday he was watching me then like the 5th time he looked at me he kissed her even thou he doesnt kiss in public but after he kissed her he kept lookin at me......

well 2day on my myspace she wrote me because of my status that said "everytime i look in his eyes i kno he's wrote loving after all the sh!t he has put me thou"

its not like it said i was goin 2 break them up or anything.....

she said a few things she shouldnt have and idk what 2 do about it....i've been leaving them alone y wont they just let it b? i dont talk 2 him i dont write him and i dont talk 2 her till i just wrote her back after she had wrote me.....i'm keeping my word 2 them im leaving them y is this bull sh!t still goin on?


its all a long story he WAS more then a guy friend.........

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    i have been in your shoes..

    to me your girl friend is jealous and doesnt even wanting you to think about him,so just ignore her, dont write her back, dont do anything and she will get bored with it and she will quit.

    your going to get frustrated but it works it worked with me, and now me and my friend talk some now! your friend just havent matured all the way yet and as far as your guy friend, he is just trying to make you jealous also. he still like, or loves you, and trying to piss you off and get you back by kissing your friend in public so just try to stay cool, hang out with other friends, and stay busy. it will keep your mind off of them! and good luck, and hope it works out

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