How do I start reading Superman comics?

Well I have recently become very interested in the whole Superman story and I wanted to start reading them. But where to start? I heard about some storylines (if that's what they are called) like Crisis on Infinite Earths and Kingdome Come. What other storylines should i for example start buying from the interner? I am really interested in stories that involve different earths and dimensions in the DC universe involving Superman.

If you could reccomend me what i should buy and where then i would really appriciate it,



I would also like to start reading Flash, so if someone would also tell me some good comics where he is involved then that would b great.

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    Kingdom Come is a good graphic novel but it is more of an elseworld-storyline than actual Superman continuity. It's very good nontheless. Superman: Birthright has a good storyline where they updated the Superman character and explained why nobody recognizes Clark as Superman when he wears the glasses. I'm planning to buy Superman All-Star coz' I heard it has a great story. Another good Superman book is For Tomorrow with great artwrok by Jim Lee. The one with Supergirl is also good,where Superman, Batman, Wonder woman and the rest of the amazons fought a horde of Doomsday Clones. Amazing artwork by the late Michael Turner. If you want something with Flash in it then Crisis on infinte Earths is the right book for you and its sequel Infinite Crisis although you need to brush up with the whole DC universe characters coz' it might get confusing. Also try and read Justice it has some good parts with the Flash in it(the Flash version here is Barry Allen)Wherein Superman needed the help of Captain Marvel to stop Flash beause he can't stop running.Most of what I recommended were graphic novels, don't know much about the current Superman titles by DC. As long as you know the original Superman history I think you wouldn't be confused with any Superman title out now.

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    Start at any place! I've purchased Superman comics through the years and I do not particularly feel it concerns which one I purchased given that I loved studying any of them! You might constantly move to a comedian publication retailer (if they've the ones round in which you reside) and ask what could be a fine Superman comedian to begin off with. You might take a look at commencing off with significant comedian books like "Superman: Birthright the Origin of the Man of Steel" that ones beautiful respectable. Or you might take a look at the "Superman Batman Supergirl" publication, that one's prettty well too. Try a few Superboy & Supergirl comics too! I for my part like Supergirl ones the nice, however possibly that is given that I am a woman.. :)

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    I HIGHLY recommend the "All-Star Superman" series. They're the only Superman comics I can read. It's a great plot and is very enjoyable.

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    go to, there youll find most marvel and dc characters and their comics by title

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