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My 18 year old cat...

Hasn't been sick lately but she's slowed down and calmed down a lot and we know she's pretty close to the end. Today, she went down to the dark basement and after my bringing her up 3 times, she went back down again and is laying there in the dark on a cart that's down there. The door to the basement is off because we just got a new washing machine and haven't replaced the door yet.

Did she most likely go down there to die?


The reason I'm asking is that she has not been down the basement in years.... she never really went down there since we moved to this house.

Update 2:

She's purring and happy to see me when I do go down to check on her.

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    I have a twenty something year old domestic long hair cat and she too is quirky.

    It's great that you are noticing her and her whereabouts. Like old people, your cat will slow down a bit but it isn't a warning that she is at death's door.

    My kitty stopped bringing me still moving rats, staggering mice, and other fresh caught delectables about five years ago.

    Have you made some changes in the house? Sometimes cats can seek refuge from loud noises, unpleasant smells, or guests/kids/new girlfriends/spouses/room mates that they would rather not deal with.


    At least with my old gal...she will find a new novel place to settle a camper looking for the perfect camp site...and she will enjoy and revel in that new spot until

    a)she finds a new and more exciting place to park

    b) she's in a space that is off the table for example (although this usually doesn't thwart her efforts, she only becomes more stealth in her parking).

    Based on your description, your cat's age and your removing the door to the basement...(was this place otherwise closed off from her easy access?) it might be highly likely that your kitty has just found a new, cool spot to enjoy.

    Is it hot where you live? After all, it is summertime. Does she have long hair?

    Well imagine if you are about 90 to 100 years old, and it's summertime, and you just want to relax in a busy jumping house full of inhabitants who are always in a hurry and bumping, tripping and stumbling over you. No matter what you or at least your tail manage to be in someone's path. All you have to wear is a south park styled, heavy down filled/fur coat that you can't remove...

    you can't take a cold shower because you have aquaphobia matching the wicked witch of the west in the Wizard of OZ!

    In these circumstances the basement presents a postential solution to an otherwise hopeless situation!

    But as always, go with your instincts and if you are really worried, and in doubt about her well being, contact your local vet and set up a visit and well kitty check up.

    Like I said before, my kitty is more than 20 years old, slower, but much wiser.

    I hope you and I will both enjoy many more enjoyable years with our beloved, fur-clad companions :)

    Best wishes to you and your basement-bound feline:)

    I'm willing to wager that when the weather cools off, she'll be back upstairs near the radiator or the warm sunny window hanging out with you!

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    Iam in the same position. My cat is 20 and is attached to the garden plastic greenhouse. He fried himself and was close to death last week. But they change there "favoured" place every so often. My cat has come back into the house for the first time in 3 weeks. Usually when a cat is about to die they sleep and dont eat alot. But you need to give them alot of attention and tlc so that they no that they are always loved.

    We've had cats for years now and it always happens. They tend to poo and sick and wee uncontrolably too. So keep an eye out because your cat may do that in the house! x

    Hope this helps


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    Oh, you sound like a lovely owner. Whether or not she's going down there to die, it sounds like she's got lovely support from you. Maybe she's going down there to die, maybe she's trying to stay cool or something.

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    Whether is is going down there to die, I don't know. Just give her lots of love and attention and let her know that you are there for her and she isn't alone.

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    It might be, but maybe she was just hot and it's cooler down there. I would leave her there if that's where she wants to be. I would keep her company if she likes it and you can. I hope she's not ready to go yet.

    Bless you

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