Is there a setting in yahoo messenger that will keep people from saving/download my pics in photo share?

If I photo share with new friends, can I keep them from being able to save my pics to their computer?

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    If you use photo share, your pics become free game for anyone. If you share them one at a time in your display image, they cant copy and paste them but they are much smaller as you know. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    nicely if u proportion the photos then its assumed that they are able to save them.. all persons with none decision of storing your photograph can save them besides. there is not any way attainable to save any image from saving it. There are extra effective than 20 basic approaches to save any %on ur computing device... extra advantageous dont proportion if u dont elect them to save it... you're able to do one element if atall you decide directly to proportion then coach ur %one via one in the show photograph area..via this even if if the guy will save it then it is only no longer in reliable decision and in addition to shop the image length to small so as that its much extra harder for them to get your photograph in reliable concern...

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