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What the heck happened to all of my contacts?

I signed out for a little bit and just came back on and all of my contacts are GONE! What the heck happened!?


Whew! They're back. LOL I did notice there are loads of questions about this, so I guess it happened to everyone. It must be part of YA's "odd behavior".

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    What a relief. I'm not the only one. It happened to everybody. There are like a hundred questions asking "Why are my contacts gone?".

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    If you just looked, questions are already being asked about this. Everyone signing in right now is experiencing the same thing. Don't worry though, it will go back to normal.

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    4 years ago

    I'm right here, give up replacing your identify and it would support me. Ooh is there one other situation to troll??? Might be a blast. EDIT: I want one other clue, I am mind lifeless from finding out. EDIT2: Lmao, I could by no means have guessed.....my dangerous.

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    It was yet another one of YA famous glitches.

    Your list should now be back.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I guess you will have to email them and find out what happened.

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