Sprint Bill Scam? How do I Contact them?What to do If my Identity has been Compromised?

I have been getting a call from Falzone Associates out of Buffalo, NY about a supposed Sprint Ltd. bill. I cannot remember having had Sprint service before, however it is possible that maybe Sprint bought some other company I had service with. Although I cannot see having had a bill as high as $1800 - $2400 dollars which is what they are saying I owe. I cannot see even keeping service long enough without getting disconnected before it reached that high.

Anyway. My question is this: How do I reach Sprint, by phone to check out what is going on and what this bill is about. Try to see what address they have on file for me, and where I had service, etc.. ? I want to make sure that my identity hasn't been compromised. If it has I want to take the appropriate action, but I want to find out the details first. Any clue how to contact either the billing department for Sprint Ltd or Customer Service? Also the appropriate steps to take if my identity has been compromised?

All help greatly appreciated.


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    First ask them to have Sprint contact you directly and that you will not accept and further calls from a third party. All future communications must be in writing to the address they ALREADY have on file for you.

    Ask for the account numbers involved. Then them tell them to cease and desist their calls. Remind them they are required by Federal law to stop calling after you have told them.

    Don't GIVE them anything. There might be looking for someone else with your same name that they are really after.

    Next contact Sprint here:


    Ask them where/when/how the bills come from. Tell them it is not you and to call of their collection agency. If they know nothing about it contact your phone company and file a complaint.

    Lastly: It is a SCAM

    Read this:http://www.budhibbs.com/debtcollectorpages/quadran...

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    Contact your current ISP help desk, they will have an abuse department who can at least advise you and may actively help.

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