Just read the Twilight Saga and I need more books...

I just finished twilight so don't recommend it but what are other good books i can start to read?

thanks in advance :)


I have read Harry Potter and I like teen romance books :)

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    these are some of my favorites :)

    the host-stefanie meyer

    the time travelers wife [guranteed to make you cry your eyes out, best love story ever written]

    flowers in the attic [wierd book but great]

    the giver [very interesting]

    a child called it [depressing, true story of child abuse]

    the other boleyn girl [if you like gossip and controversy read this]

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    1 decade ago

    The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray:

    1. A Great and Terrible Beauty

    2. Rebel Angels

    3. The Sweet Far Thing

    I absolutely loved this series...and it's for young adults. The scene is an 1800s boarding school for girls to become "proper ladies". And the whole series is based around one girl who comes to find that she inherited magical powers from her mother and it's about her struggle to control the realms and figure out how to work with the powers. There are mystical magical other worlds (realms), secret societies that control the realms, love/hate, friendship/betrayal, good/evil, action, adventure, some romance, reality/fantasy....it's a great page turner. The 3rd book is the longest...it's like 800pgs long (the other 2 aren't even half that long)...and I read most of it in one day and decided not to study. I failed my test the next day...but it was sooooo worth it! I don't normally read young adult stuff anymore since I'm 21, but I fell in love with this series and have read it over and over again. LOVE IT! And I'd never heard of it, but I saw it in the bookstore one day and read the back cover and thought it seemed interesting. So I splurged on all 3 books and went for it. The first one was kinda difficult to get into since I don't normally read stuff with fantasy in it, but after I reread the first chapter I couldn't put the series down at all. AMAZING series!!!!!!

    Have fun reading them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    If you like Twilight saga, then I would recommend The Host by Stephenie Meyer.

    Also, I know these books aren't exactly new, but I really, REALLY enjoyed the Mediator series by Meg Cabot. Very good.

    And The Blue Bloods series by Melissa De la Cruz. It's like Gossip Girl meets vampires.

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    THE HOST!!!!! Its by Stephenie meyer (who also wrote the twilight series) i can't really explain what its about but it is awsume. Its on a whole different level than twilight though, and better in some ways. You can go on www.stepheniemeyer.com and go to the host page to read about it. IT IS AN AWSUME BOOK AND I HIGHLY RECOMEND IT!!!!

    The beginning can be a little bit confusing but you just kinda got to live with it and keep reading until it gets EXTREMLY AWSUME!!!!!!! Like a few chapters in once you catch on its really good. There is a really great twist of romance and adventure!

    Source(s): STEPHENIE MEYER FAN!!!!
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    4 years ago

    i'm curious for an identical solutions. I in simple terms finished analyzing the Twilight Saga, for the 2d time. To the above poster, hour of darkness solar does not have a collection date to return out. in case you seem at Stephenie's internet site, it says she isn't particular she would be in a position to even have it revealed because of the fact the 1st 12 chapters leaked on the information superhighway. they at the instant are published on her internet site. i'll incorporate a hyperlink under.

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    well have you read Harry Potter? its good despits the bad reviews off ppl who dont read lol

    err well Jacqueline Wilson books are good

    wuthering heights <<think thats how it spelt


    and books filled with ghost stories are really good


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    1 decade ago

    harry potter

    bartimaeus trilogy

    gemma doyle trilogy



    anne rice novels

    the last vampire

    angels on sunset boulevard

    maximum ride

    stephen king books

    james patterson books

    manga books:


    fruits basket

    shaman king


    cardcaptor sakura (the pictures rock!)

    rourini kenshin

    hope this helps =]

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    ^Stephenie Meyer's List of Books To Read

  • 1 decade ago

    Maximum Ride series by James Patterson!! for sure! its great!

  • 1 decade ago

    'blue bloods' series by melissa de la cruz


    'madapple' by christina meldrum


    all books by sarah dessen

    all books by elizabeth scott

    thirteen reason why by jay asher

    pretty little liars by sara shephard

    the silver kiss by annette curtis klause

    blood and chocolate by annette curtis klause

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