Am I the only one that doesn't understand the boy's bike-girl's bike thing?

I don't understand why guys can't get on the same kinda bike girls can.

And what if you were on a guy's bike and ya slipped off the seat? Wouldn't that hurt? I mean (and I'm a girl) if I were to ride one of those, chances are I'd be sterile by the end of the ride (if gettin kicked in the va-jay-jay last year didn't do it). Of course I'm a klutz. But like my friend put it when getting up from a bench at the skating rink, "If I fall, this will hurt my crotch. And my pride. But mostly my crotch." And I mean guys have ya know, the family jewels. Wouldn't that hurt if they fell? Why are guys' bikes made like that? Is that like some twisted way to try and control the world population or are dude-bike designers just sadistic or what?


And I haven't had children yet so I have no way of knowing if that kick left me sterile, before you ask. No, it has not come up at the doctor's, and I don't feel like asking.

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  • John O
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    1 decade ago
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    Traditionally, women's bikes had a lowered top tube because women wore skirts and a high top tube would make her riding immodest. Guy or girl, you fall on that top tube and it's gonna hurt.

    Nowadays, many manufacturers make women-specific bikes that feature a shorter top tube, woman-part friendly saddles, shorter crank arms, etc. to more closely match the general dimensions of women riders.

  • lftr67
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    1 decade ago

    Most bike manufacturers have gotten away from the classic 'girls bike'. There are quite a few who make women specific models but those are built more for the differences between women's and men's overall body and how they fit to a bike, not just the crotch. If you see a 'girls bike' now it's probably a piece of junk from Walmart or some other big box store (don't buy one there).

    For what it's worth, any kind of slip or fall that drops you on the top tube will hurt whether you're a girl or a guy. My bike has a sloping top tube like many newer frames and it may take longer to fall that far but it still hurts. Also, falls like that are not very common once you have a little skill at getting in and out of the pedals. If you're gonna crash you're more likely to land on your shoulder, hips, or knees. Fun!

  • 1 decade ago

    Girl's bikes were originally designed way back when girls ALWAYS wore dresses and NEVER wore pants or shorts even as little girls. Having the high bar under the seat with a dress on was way too immodest for the times and boys would never be caught riding a girls bike for fear of being taunted by his friends asking where his dress was.

    The tradition stuck even after the socialy accepted clothing changed.

  • 1 decade ago

    The traditional boys bike frame is stronger because of the top tube. Hopefully if you slipped off the seat your feet would hold you up ( most people don't just "slip off" the seat, there's usually a crash involved )

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have had sleepless nights worrying about the guy who throws a cigarette butt from a passing train!!!

    It may start a small fire that would frighten a fox from its lair, - This in turn would alarm a rabbit who would run and scare a small hedgehog who would knock into my garden shed and dislodge a small piece of flint from the road that would fly into the air and land against a disgarded nail, - the ensuing spark would ignite the petrol in my lawnmower and burn the entire neighbourhood to the ground!

    .Your question is as far-fetched as my answer.


  • 1 decade ago

    Ancient history. They don't make bikes that way anymore. Not real ones anyway.

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