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okay so this is a bet that i need help winning haha

my friend and i were riding down the road and the song "Sunny Came Home" by Shawn Cole came one. I'm expecting a little girl and i had planned on naming her Sunny for some time now (just a coincidence with the song.. no relation). my friend didnt really like the name she said it made her sound like a hippie. so when that song came on she says "See! another reason not to name that baby Sunny!! She's a killer in this song!!" i do see how she could get that idea.. there a lyrics like "Sunny came home with a list of names" and "Its time for a few small repairs she said, Sunny came home with a vengeance.."

as much as i love that name, now that i know that song may be about a killer named Sunny.. it kinda turns me away from of it for some reason. Can you please tell me your interpretation of this song?? thnx for your help!

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    First of all, if you want to name your baby Sunny, then I think that you should... regardless on if he/she will sound like a "hippie". Hippies are cool.

    Secondly, I think 2 things about the song -- yeah, could sound like a killer, but I thought it could be about sex, like "came home with a list of names..." or her partner is having sex... say her boyfriend is cheating on her, she found the list of names...

    It really shouldn't matter -- it's just a song, and I think the name is very adorable. :-)


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    Kind of a self-explanatory track. No essential again tale, despite the fact that. There's a canopy of "Hey Joe" via Type O Negative... it is known as "Hey Pete," alternatively, and the boyfriend "cuts his girl down" with an ax alternatively than capturing her down with a gun.

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