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How do i make lots of friends in high school?

Im going to high school soon and i only have like 1 friend going there too. I want to make alot of all new friends and just start over. Im known as the shy girl. I want to be more outgoing in high school(im not playing a sport) but how do I make alot of pretty cool and normal friends? Please no rude comments, thank you!

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    Join clubs that interest you so that you can meet people wit similar interests. Be yourself around people - don't try to impress them, just be kind and considerate. Befriend the loner - he'll never forget it. Also - stick up for girls that get abused/unfairly teased - they'll appreciate it. Be open and friendly and people will be drawn to you.

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    Its an old cliche but if you want good friends then be a good friend.

    Also dont worry about whose popular or not, all those divisions will be long forgotten in a couple years.

    And DONT even think of doing some stupid scheme to become popular, just join clubs and find people with interests similar to yours. And dont be afraid to start conversations with people and be the first one to say hi, thats really what makes certain people popular, just being nice to everybody!

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    be open with people, dont tell any rumors about anyone even if u think that the peron wouldn't tell..

    always be on track about what is going on in the school

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