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is it bad for my cat to eat...

cheese (all kinds) or dog food??? i dont want her to get sick. she is 1 year old

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    As stated in the 1st answer some cat food has little bits of cheese in it. Also dog food is not good for cats since it is formulated for dogs.

    cats require higher levels of protein than dogs. Cats must have the amino acid called 'taurine' in their diet; dogs can actually make their own taurine. A cat eating food deficient in taurine can develop severe heart disease and other health problems. Almost all cat foods now contain added taurine.

    Cats require a different form of Vitamin A than dogs do. Dogs can use beta-carotene as a source of Vitamin A; cats cannot. Cats can not manufacture the fatty acid called 'arachidonic acid' and must have it supplemented in their diet; it is not essential for dogs to have this fatty acid in their food.

    So, you see, if a cat is allowed to eat a significant amount of dog food, the cat would be eating a diet deficient in many of the cat's required nutrients. For your cat's health, be sure she is eating quality cat food.

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    If you are really interested in feeding your cat good food, then I would do some research on what cats should eat. In the wild they eat raw meat, and whatever the prey may have had in their stomachs, which could be seeds,grass, etc.. Since many store-bought foods contain a great deal of fillers, it just makes sense to me to feed them as close as possible to what they were meant to eat. It's pretty easy to make your own cat food. It saves me a fortune over the canned stuff, not to mention that my cats like it better. You should look it up though since there are so many choices, and opinions about what's right and what's wrong. Some can be so complicated that it's practically impossible. I just give my cats one meal of raw meat a day, which I food process with many other things (one of which is often a little yogurt) and then give them dry store-bought food as a snack. One thing that I have repeatedly heard is not to give dog food to a cat. Dogs do naturally have a different type of diet than a cat.

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    I should have thought that its ok. My cat ate some cheese and he was fine. But i dont no whether it was because he thought it was ham? haha.

    Dog food is okay but dont feed too much as she might get a bit queezy. Dogs can eat cat food but visa versa isn't recomended unless its only a little bit. Go onto google and type in something related to your problem then it should come up.

    hope this helps


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    A little cheese is ok if she's not overweight but just a little. Dog food is not really good for cats and I would not let her have it.

    Source(s): 50+ years of experience
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    don't feed her cheese all the time but some is okk. and she can eat soft dog food but idk about hard kind. but its better to feed her cat food not dog food.

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