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I have a 30 gallon normal square tank, what type of Cichlid can I add there?

And how much cichlid can I add?

(I like the african cichlid) I believe that they are colorful and pretty. (You can recommend other types besides african too as long as they are colorfully bright)

I want cichlid to be from easy to moderate, not difficut like discus (though I would love to have discus again one day when I'm more prepared) I also want them to be small or medium, but not the dwarf ones.

I know that they are aggressive, but what are the different types of cichlid (and maybe other non-cichlids) that can be added together in a 30 gallon tank without hurting/killing each other.


Forgot to add, I have had experience with cichlids, but that was 4-6 years ago.

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    You could get some Kribensis cichlids. They stay small, are relatively peacefull (I have them with Neon tetras and guppies). They are colourfull and pretty hardy too.


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    I like the Painted Convicts myself. Make sure you provide many hiding places for fish to hide as Cichlids tend to pick on eachother.

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    an electric blue jack demsey but you will need to get a bigger tank in 3-4 years.

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    Debbie O

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