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who do you think would make the best president;

just wondering







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    B.O. ditched his church of 20 years just to be "popular". That says a lot about his lack of integrity. He has denounced the United States Citizens on several occasions. His loyalty is to other countries (Indonesia mostly). He proposes bills in the Senate to fritter away your tax money on crap. He is a snake lawyer employed most of his life for a Huge multimillion dollar corporate suing machine.

    Hero John McCain has literally given his entire life in the service of his country. He has said and done the right thing even when it wasn't popular. That says a lot about his tremendous integrity. He defended you against people who wanted to do you harm on several occasions. He has persevered to use you tax money wisely. He has fought against "pork barrel" spending (That's political talk for frittering your money away on crap)

    gee, I don't know. B.O. has a cute smile.....

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    RON PAULI also recommend these websites:

    As a strong advocate of limited government and personal freedom, I recommend that people vote for Libertarian Party candidates, Constitution Party candidates, and Ron Paul Republicans & Democrats in state and local elections. At the same time, I also encourage everyone to attend local Republican Party meetings as a way to influence them and possibly take the party back from the neocons. Take DVDs and flyers and hand them out. We must get involved on the local level, or nothing will ever change.

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    Neither candidate earns my vote.

    I am a registered republican but can't stand McCain.

    I also cannot stand Obama.

    Obama talks and talks and talks, without saying anything.

    When McCain talks, I just want to sleep.

    Unfortunately, this will be a (1) term election for whoever wins.

    The majority of the USA, even Republicans, have such a bad taste right now for politics, that whoever gets elected will not accomplish much of anything.

    I think the Dems made a big mistake with Obama.

    They would have had a clear cut victory with Clinton, now, it's more likely McCain will get elected.

    Fool yourself as much as you want, we are still a racist world.

    Unfortunately, "race" will play a large part in this race.

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    Obama easily. McBush is incompetent, Hillary is divisive and polarizing, Rice is clueless about foreign policy, and, being from MA, I can tell you that Romney is actually smart and quite competent but is evil and a complete flip-flopper as he tries to appease the Republican base

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    Harrison Ford was good in Air Force One

  • Romney

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    me and I am going to run in 2012 just for the fact i missed the age this year

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    Wow, you're slow.

    It's now just McCain and Obama.

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