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Large pores , not that large, but still

actually i wasnt born with these. these are a result to an acne cream ( which has worked :D ) so anyways yeah now theyr big and i want to restore them. what can i do ? and i wanna do this before the end of august. plz nd thnk you :)

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    Garnier Pure is good for using after washing and Clinique has a brilliant pore tightener = really try it and its worth every penny. Good luck, even COLD water tightens those awful pores. Mine are a lot better now I use this under my foundation.

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    i have heard the egg white mask by the other user's answer has worked. Also look into doing natural citrus fruits like making a lemon and grapefruit toner mixed with water.

    i just started making my own homemade cosmetics and have never been happier. oils like coconut, olive and almond and hazelnut oil make excellent skin cleansers and makeup removers. they dont grease up the face and they get the dirt and grime out and water lifts it away leaving it moisturized.


    apple cider vinegar

    natural aloe gel

    essential oils


    these are the way to go. after 3 days of usign my own nighttime moisturizer, my acne is going away and looking better in the mornng.

    first deep clean your pores with a natural green powder clay mask mixed with apple cider vinegar infused with tea tree oil for antiseptic 1-2 times a week then try that egg white mask for a few days along with a citrus fruit. maybe squeeze the juice in witch hazel and aloe vera gel to help tighten the skin.

    not only will you enjoy learning how to make your own cosmetics, you will align yourself with mother nature and save a helluva lot of money in the long run and your skin will look so much better by avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

    Source(s): "The complete book of essential oils & aromatherapy" by valerie ann worwood "Earthly Bodies & Heavenly Hair" personal experience
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    Apply fresh tomato juice daily. Also egg-white mixture will close your big pores too. Just apply a little and keep it for ten minutes.

    Good Luck

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    Buy some cream called pore reducer from Avon. It really works. I have used it to help reduce my large pores.

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