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i need to know a little about perms.


i wanna get something like that.

1. would it look good on me.



2. how much do they generally cost.

3. what can i do an not do if i get one.

4. what are the pro's and con's

it would be great help if you could help answer all of these.

thank you very much =]

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    I think you're hair would look great in the style of the picture you showed, however I do not believe you'd achieve this look.. even with a loose perm. As a suggestion, I would say that you should wash your hair every night or every other night and braid/plait it whilst it is wet. Sleep with your hair in that style then take it out in the morning. To hold it either apply mousse or a touch of hairspray. It would give you this wavy affect without damaging your hair with all the chemicals.. plus is free!

    Also, if you don't like it.. just don't do your hair like it again! Simple. That means you don't have to put up with a perm if its not the look you want.

    Good look with ur fab hair =]


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    1. I cant really tell how long your hair is, but I do like the style of perm in that picture.

    2. I've had a perm before, but my grandma does hair, but generally, I think they run around $100.

    3. Not really sure what you are asking... but after you get a perm, you cannot wash your hair for a few days to keep the chemicals active and your hair curly. Brushes are a no no, only combs. Another thing, a perm is a chemical treatment, meaning if you color your hair, it could cause your hair to be very frail and dry. So I'd suggest only getting a perm if your hair color is natural and to aviod coloring your hair while you have a perm.

    4. The pros are that styling your hair should take less time. The cons are that there is some work required to take care of your perm. Your hair is not just going to look like ashley tisdales evreyday. You probably need to put mousse in it and scrunch it to acheive the look.

    GOOD LUCK :)

    Source(s): my grandma and my own experience...
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    Im a hairstylist, and you wont get that result, your hair simply isnt long enough. Its going to be even shorter then it is once you get a perm. Secondly, my guess is that the blond hair is not even permed, its curled with a large iron. Dont perm your hair, you have beautiful silky hair now, and your cut is even cute. Dont mess a good thing up. Pick me for best answer as I need the points.

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    i like all of them but the first pix is the best =)

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