What was project paper clip and how is it nazi related?

If anyone could send me any information that they can find on what project paper clip was / is it would be greatly appreciated. Links to relevant information would also be appreciated.

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    Project paperclip was a program authorized by President Harry Truman in the fall of 1946. It was to bring selected German scientists to work on America's behalf during the "Cold War."

    Source(s): Any Internet site on the cold war or by name "Project paperclip."
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    Check out the movie Paperclips (or Paper Clips). It was a project at a school in Whitwell TN to try and illustrate how extensive the Holocaust really was.

    Excellent movie: www.paperclipsmovie.com

    Good luck on your project.

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    Kids tried to collect 6 million (I think it was 6 million) paper clips. Because 6 million people died in the holocaust. So they were collecting paper clips because it was a reasonably sized item that they could collect 6 million of.

    The magnitude of their amount of paper clips illustrated on a perceivable scale just how many people died in the holocaust.

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