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Ok I dont think you know how many times people witht he name Amanda have heard this and its not funny when you

have heard the same joke for the whole of your life.

Amanda hug n kiss

A man duh

ok so that you know that,

I asked this because of another question,

who is called amanda here?


Oh it doesnt bother me, I just want to let people know, your the only one whos laughing and looking like a d!ck with such a lame as s joke

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    My last name is Maloney. I've been called Bologna (or Baloney) my entire life. It got to me when I was 10. Now I'm over it. Whatever.

    How old are you? It shouldn't bother you so much. People are trying to be funny or trying to be jovial or being really stupid at trying to be mean. Oh well.

  • Manda
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    1 decade ago

    I always get "Who's Amanda gonna marry when she gets older?" "A man duh"

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