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What to do for fun on a plane?

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    Bring a magazine, gameboy/nintendo ds, book, mp3, write a story =], SLEEP!

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    Definietly bring an ipod/mp3 to listen to music. Also in airports there's always a bunch of stores that have magazines, books, crosswords, etc. just stuff to keep you occupied on the flight. If its a long flight they usually show a movie. Or you can always get one of those portable dvd players that just sit on your lap. You can get good ones for not very expensive. And then theres always sleeping! They have blankets/pillows on the plane and you can recline so its not too bad : ) Hope this helped!!

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    hmm i like to get on a good plane and spend most of the time watching films on my own personal tv screen i higly recommend virgin as this is great it has games, tv programmes and a choice of more than 50 films i spent 9 hours on the plane and itf felt like it was three seconds also you can do loads of other cool stuff like check the weather, see where you are on the map, sometimes you can also play on a nintendo d.s lite with a choice of more than 200 games and even go on the internet (the websites are limited!) it does cost a bit of money but highly recommend it especially for a first time flyer or someone who is scared of flying it was just as fun as the holiday itself!! hehe it was GREAT!! hope this helped i just though it would be different from people saying play magnetic chess and things like that!! hehe

    Source(s): my brain and my experience of virgin on my last flght!
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    Look outside at the scenery while I listen to music. Maybe it's just me, but in my opinion it's one of my favorite things you could do on a plane. If you don't get much time to smell the flowers (figuratively) then why not do it on a plane. You're going to be sitting there anyways. That's what I think.

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    Watch the inflight movie, read, eat, people-watch all those odd people who fly, do puzzles, photograph the clouds, go in the back of the plane to talk to other bored people, or take a sleeping pill.

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    Sleep, bring a small pillow and they will give you a blanket unless it's Jetblue they will charge you $7 for a blanket and a pillow.

    Bring magazines, books, school work to do, ipod, portable dvd player with dvds, crossword puzzles, snacks definitiley, gum, ear plugs, etc.

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    Join the Mile High Club!

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    if you can, use jet blue, they have free tv channels and movies you can pay for in the head rest in front of you. plus, they have lots of leg room. it's way better than regular business class. bring portable game systems, books, a pillow, string or yarn(if you like to make little things---only if ur a girl really), and a friend :]. hope this helps

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    I just look out the window.

    I try to get a window seat a few rows behind the wing to see all the flap/spoiler action.

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    watch inflight tv/sleep/ jump out the window

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