which is better and why? the nikon coolpix L18,canon powershot A590 IS or the canon powershot A720 IS

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, it depends if you're going to use all the features in the camera. I've had the A590 IS, and it's wonderful with it's clear picture quality, shutter and aperture priority. The A720 IS, is very similar to the A590 IS, except that the A590 IS, doesn't have image stitching and underwater case. The L18 doesn't have as much features as the Canon cameras you suggested but, it looks a little bit more stylish and cheaper. So, if it's style and great picture quality you want. Get the L18. But if it's all the features you're going use, and you don't really care about how it looks, the a590 or a720 should work for you.

    Good luck !

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