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Why cant my family hit the lottery to help my mom?

My mom works so hard everyday and she is 55 years old. She has so many bills and expenses with no money in retirement. I am so scared that she will have to work for so long just to survive. I am only 21 so I cant help her because I am in school, barely making my expenses each month. All i wish for is my mom being able to retire happily with no stress. I have played the lottery since January, and only won $3 so far. I hear so many people saying that playing the lottery is such a waste, but I feel like it is the only way for me to help my mom retire someday. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Stop wasting the money that you spend on the lotto and save it for your mom. And if you are that concerned then get a second job if you really want to do it then you will.

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    Ok, by the time you win the lottery, you would have spent more money on the lottery tickets then you get in winnings, simple as that. Instead of buying the tickets, put the money in a certificate of deposit at the bank, or start investing it so that you can earn interest on the money and make more money...thats the wise choice.

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