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What is wheelchair travel like in Morocco? (Tourism.)

Any tips?

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    Morocco is not easily accessible with a wheelchair. However, as Sarah says, people are very helpful. You need to get ground floor hotel rooms, but most of the smaller hotels have small elevators - the worsre thing would be manouvering a wheelchair with cases - again people are helpful and you can fully trust strangers to help your cases into a taxi or elevator...

    If you go to Marrakech or Rabat, I know for a fact that you could push a wheelchir along the road, and even get it into a taxi to get to the sights, shopping etc - dont be put off, enjoy yourself.

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    I wish I could give a different answer than the two above me but they are right on. The sidewalks here are horrible for walking (there are some serious hazards on the sidewalks! except Rabat, they keep the capital clean and fixed up)let alone a wheelchair. There is rarely ramp access to anywhere and often when you do find a ramp the thing is so darn steep I can't imagine pushing a wheelchair up it.

    I don't agree on the elevator comment, you can find elevators in most hotels that are over a few stories high. Heck my apartment building has them (not all do but neither do most in USA).

    My husband has a friend who became a parapalegic while living in USA. Of course everyone thought it would be best for him to return to Morocco to stay with his family but he knew better....he stayed in USA and says he knows access, transport etc for him in Morocco is so poor it is best to live someplace else :-(

    On the other hand one will never be short a person who is willing to help in whatever matter or obstacle may face a person in a wheelchair. People don't fuss and make a huge embarrassing deal about things they just help you (lift the chair, help you over a curb etc) and do so like it is an everyday occurence.

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    I have been to Morocco several times and never once saw an elevator.(maybe in some of the larger, taller hotels, you need to ask) So if you are staying above the first floor in most hotels someone would need to help you get up and down the stairs or try to find a room on first floor. In fact, I've seen stairs in public buildings and hospitals without handrails, they don't have the same building codes that we do in the US. And I've never seen a handicap toilet in all f the places I've been, some places have western toilets but many have squat toilets and toilets are not all that plentiful in public non-restaurant areas either. The best tip I can think of is to have someone travel with you who can assist you, and someone who knows the best places or ways to travel for handicapped people.

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    Morocco is not wheelchair accessible I think the government should pay more attention to that ,and if you have to use public transportation only petit taxi will be the solution of course with the help of driver.

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    terrible, i lived there 9 years

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