anyone recommend an invoicing/customer contact program like but better than quick-books pro 2008

after reading all the user comment on amazon and other sites seem quickbooks is losing it edge so i don't want to waste my money but not sure what else is out there

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't do bookkeeping anymore, but I used to use MAS-90 back in the, well...back in the 90s. It was completely integrated with all business applications including work orders, inventory and materials management, customer base. It was great for cost accounting and forecasting. It really was an amazing system, but more sophisticated than most folks need. I think the boss paid $2,000 back then, you don't have to have all the components though.

    Do you have a CPA? you could ask him or her what they recommend.

  • 4 years ago

    properly it relies upon on what you're doing, in case you going to be in picture communications or something like that then you relatively might desire to get a mac that's what there made for they have great photograph and video modifying application that may not paintings for computing device's and any EA activity it is made for computing device is likewise for Mac. yet once you're doing something that includes engineering than you will possibly desire to possibly get a computing device. in case you do get a Mac I recommend the MacBook professional over the MacBook through fact if has a much extra effective pix card extra RAM, greater HDD, extra effective processor, and extra suitable exhibit screen plus a trendy touch pad. additionally Mac OS X Leopard has a small RAM footprint its like 256MB in assessment to vista that's like 756MB. Plus considering Mac is a UNIX based OS you may improve RAM as much as you like have been as Vista is 16GB and XP is 8GB.

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