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Should I NoT date him???

Okay, I've known this guy since prek.

We became best friends in middle school...

About a year ago we decided to put a 'lil band together.

Well, we have four members and have done some small gigs.

Anyway, ever since MS the guy started crushing on me.

Only recent did I agree to go out with him.

I'm afraid it'll effect the band somehow, and I don't know... I'm practically one of the guys... I don't wanna be a one-time-thing kinda girl. What should I do?

Date him or not?

He's not necessarily a good guy either. Someone smart girls should avoid. Heavily influenced by drugs...

I'm defiantly attracted to the guy... but it seems really stupid to hookup with him.

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    Datee him if your attracted to him but if he trys to offer you anything

    i dont think you realy want him!

    and noo it proebly wont effect the band hunn =)

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    You seem in doubt.. so i think you should leave it for a while because you say things like hes not a good guy so maybe you dont really like him in that way? .. Just let things go the way they have been and go with what you think if he asks you out and you want to say yes go ahead and if it works out then thats good and if it doesent just stay friends. I dont think you actually want to though if you did you would more likely say posotive things about him :) xxx

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