Modem help: I need someone to help me understand handshaking and kissoff technicalities. Please help!

I'm writing a routine that will allow my computer to communicate via an external US robotics modem to a receiver at a security call center (think Brinks or ADT). My intention is to use Contact ID as the format, but I am having trouble getting all of the modem/receiver communication in place. Are you an expert on this that can help?

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    I used to be, sort of. When I used BASICQUOTE on CompuServe in 1994, I wrote a dialer script interpreter to automate the process. It's mostly a matter of sending the correct Hayes code sequences (after configuring the PIO on the modem, of course). I had an article that described the process, which is long since gone, but I don't doubt it's posted somewhere on the web, if you can find it.

    Source(s): I just dug up this one that seems relevant. I haven't read through it very closely.
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    handshaking and kissoff?


    getting a bit sexual with your pc?

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