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What size powerhead will I need to get for a 75 gallon undergravel filter?

I am going to be buying a 75 gallon fish tank tomorrow and I am getting the undergravel filter for it. I have heard that it works best with a power head. What size power head will I need for it and will I need one or two of them??

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    I wouldn't use them in the way they were meant. Get a canister filter, and pipe it in so that the output goes into the under gravel filter. That way, nothing sits in the under gravel filter, and the waste in the gravel will be pushed up and sucked into the filter. It is called reverse flow under gravel filter, and it work great. Or you can just get a canister filter, or a hang on back filter, they both work good, but you would still have to do regular gravel shiphons, to remove the waste. An under gravel filter keeps the waste in the water, and keeps the water dirty, no matter how often you do water changes. I would not recommend getting one to use as it is intended. Technology has evolved way past the use of regular under gravel filters.

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    my advice is lose the UGF, they are a thing of the past!!!! they will cloud the water and make it smell if not used properly because food will fall in it and rot. trust me ive been there before. save yourself the hassle and get a decent canister filter. ive got a 75g cichlid tank and ive got a rena xp4 and a whisper 60 running its it stays crystal clear!

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    i think your best bet would be to go to a pet store and ask around-

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