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How much total weight did you gain during pregnancy?

Hey I'm just curious to see how much weight you gained during pregnancy. I gained 45 pounds and so far I've lost 31 pounds, I'm having trouble losing the last 15 pounds. But just wondering if anyone else gained a lot like me and how did you get it off?

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    I gained 45 pounds as well, the best way to lose it is breastfeed, walk and drink lot's of water!

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    I gained around 50 lbs, and I lost 20 lbs within a week (I did have a 9 lb baby, after all!). I am not sure what I weigh now however--it's only been a few weeks.

    I know with my last pregnancy, I gained 60 lbs and it took me a half of a year of walking and the slimfast diet to lose it :p I plan on doing the same this time around too!

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    With my 1st pregnancy I gained 55 pounds. I weighed 100 pounds when I got pregnant, and the day I gave birth I weighed 155. with this one I gained 11 so far.

    Source(s): 19 weeks and 2 days with #2
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    i ganied 25 pounds in full with my daughter 1 week after my c section i lost 20 of the 25 but i dtill have a little gut i blame it on the 5 pounds

    Source(s): mommy to emily 2 months old
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    I gained about 60 lbs, eating pure healthy with all of my kids 4 of them.

    I nursed also ate good and walked daily, about 6 months to 9 months later after birth, I was back to a 115lb, size 0-2

    its not impossibl;e. hang in there.

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    Well when I had my third I ate right and walked 2 miles in the morning and two more in the afternoon lost 30 lbs

  • jenni
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    i'm 37 weeks tomorrow, and up until my 35th week i had gained 32#. now i have preeclampsia and have gained 10.5# in the past 2 weeks, bringing my total weight gain to almost 43#. i'm hoping since a good deal of it is water that it comes off pretty fast!

    good luck

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    ditch half of your spaghetti for spaghetti squash

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    I am almost 34 weeks and have gained 54 pounds so far. Still gaining.....

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    I gained 70lbs with my first, and so far I've gained about the same with this pregnancy. both boys. my first was 9lb10oz, so I strongly suspect this one will be a big boy as well. I lost all but 5lbs when my first was 8mths old, and then I got pregnant again, so I started putting it back on lol.

    Source(s): mum of 16mth old 37wks w/ baby#2
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